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Purpose of the Guidelines

The primary purpose of the Guidelines is to promote investment in food, agriculture and forestry in the ASEAN region that contributes to regional economic development, food and nutrition security, food safety and equitable benefits, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources. The Guidelines distil the global best practices for ensuring that larger scale agribusiness investments are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable and inclusive. It provides future partners of such investments - from the public, private and civil society sectors - a roadmap of the important ingredients in such future investments. The Guidelines aim to become the de facto foundation of these type of agricultural investments across the region. Other objectives include: 

Establishing favorable conditions to attract responsible investment in FAF sectors through a clear policy and regulatory framework nationally and a more coherent approach across ASEAN;

Strengthening the capacities of other stakeholders, contractually requiring investors to meet their obligations, and creating instruments and tools to further cooperation.

Agreeing a set of mutual interests, which serves as a reference for decisions, behaviors and actions over the mid- to long- term.

Creating a framework to guide ASEAN member states, large and small investors, and other actors in the development of responsible and sustainable agricultural investment and value chains in the region.

The Guidelines are voluntary in nature and are designed not to conflict with existing national laws and regulations or with binding international treaties. They do not replace the need for improved legal and policy frameworks at the national level. A stronger and more equitable regulatory environment at the national level is a crucial component of achieving social, economic and environmental benefits from investment.

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