1. Which countries will you work in?

For Pillar 1 (national legal & policy services), any ASEAN Member State (AMS) must request support through ASEAN Secretariat channels. Support will be provided to 2-3 countries in Phase 1, on first come first serve basis. To learn more, contact us.

For Pillars 2 & 3, any interested stakeholders in ASEAN may participate by indicating your interest early on. Priority for the Learning and Accreditation Program will be given to stakeholders from AMS engaging in Pillar 1 activities.


For Pillar 4, Grow Asia will engage with investors in 2 – 3 focal countries, based on demand from AMS (Pillar 1) and private sector partners. Tools and resources produced will be available regionally.

2. How do you ensure communities are involved?

To engage meaningfully with communities, farmer organizations and CSOs, we are partnering with regional organizations who work directly with these groups. We engage with these partners to embed inputs from those affected by investments into our programs. Community members will also be invited to participate in the Learning and Accreditation Program.

3. As an agribusiness, how do I know if our investments are considered “responsible”?

First, visit our Resources page for our private sector tools section. Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on new tools, such as market analysis for sustainability-certified projects and how the ASEAN RAI aligns to your SDG targets. Then, register for our pilot Learning and Accreditation Program!

4. How do you engage with AMS?

Through our close partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC), we provide regular updates and opportunities to engage policymakers and public sector staff from all 10 ASEAN Member States (AMS). Communication occurs through formal letters and invitations, as well as during ASEAN Working Group meetings. ASEC also helps us identify demand from AMS for the Pillar 1 services and presents project information at the annual Senior Officials Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture (SOM-AMAF).

For more questions, Contact us directly!