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Guideline 2

Contribute to sustainable, equitable and inclusive economic development and poverty eradication by:

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  • Encouraging equitable growth that reduces poverty and supports gender equality

  • Creating decent, safe, and sustainable jobs and livelihoods

  • Supporting quality upgrading and standards compliance for smallholders

  • Ensuring balanced, enforceable contractual commitments between investors and host states

  • Requiring fairer, more transparent contracts between buyers and producers

  • Respecting and promoting sustainable forest livelihoods

  • Adopting contractual investor commitments for local business development and training

  • Exploring alternatives to large-scale land concessions, like inclusive contract farming

  • Introducing community engagement strategies in investor-state contracts

  • Developing better contracts and awareness of contractual rights and obligations

  • Increasing smallholders’ and consumers involvement in investment policy and decision-making

  • Developing inclusion strategies for women and marginalized groups in investment projects

  • Establishing microfinance, rural credit, market linkage, small enterprise development programs

To achieve this, consider:

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