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Guideline 9

Assess and address impacts of responsible FAF investments and promote accountability by:

GA_RAI Guidelines-11.png
  • Requiring independent and transparent impact assessments

  • Defining baseline data and indicators for monitoring and assessing impact in an inclusive way

  • Screening investments for alignment with development priorities and community needs

  • Identifying impact mitigation measures to address negative impacts

  • Ensuring assessments are publicly available and accessible

  • Regularly assessing changes and communicating results to stakeholders

  • Implementing effective remedies and/or compensation for negative impacts

  • Strengthening the implementation of impact assessment regulations

  • Integrating impact assessment results into management plans

  • Regularly monitoring and reviewing impact, while including all relevant stakeholders in this process

  • Making publicly available the results of monitoring activities

  • Enacting effective and efficient screening processes for large-scale investors

To achieve this, consider:

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