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Guideline 5

Contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources, especially forests by:

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  • Preventing, minimizing and remedying negative impacts on natural resources

  • Supporting sustainable forest management practices

  • Recognizing forests’ economic, social, cultural and ecological value

  • Balancing the economy, conservation, and communities’ and indigenous peoples’ needs

  • Supporting sustainable sourcing, environmental and social certification for FAF products

  • Increasing production efficiency and productive use of waste and by-products

  • Encouraging sustainable consumption

  • Ensuring robust, participatory planning, management and governance of natural resources

  • Supporting comprehensive natural resource management systems

  • Managing water equitably and efficiently

  • Ensuring water access is in line with human rights obligations

  • Developing national forest plans that explicitly address investment issues

  • Supporting forest management decentralization and devolution processes

  • Providing for inter-ministerial coordination, standard setting, planning and monitoring

  • Promoting alternative livelihoods in forested areas

To achieve this, consider:

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