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Guideline 8

Respect the rule of law and incorporate inclusive and transparent governance structures, processes and grievance mechanisms by:

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  • Abiding by national laws in letter and in spirit

  • Refraining from corrupt practices and bribery

  • Proactively and inclusively sharing information relevant to an investment

  • Promoting access to mediation, grievance, and dispute resolution mechanisms

  • Addressing legacy land issues

  • Consulting meaningfully and responsively to ensure active, free, effective and informed participation

  • Promoting a transparent, coherent, and consistent legal and policy environment

  • Establishing guidelines for periodic disclosure of relevant, accurate, timely and accessible information

  • Strengthening local communities’ and indigenous peoples’ access to pro bono legal services and legal aid

  • Overseeing investor-community consultations, negotiations and grievance redress

  • Ensuring access to effective, affordable judicial and other remedies

  • Enabling the meaningful participation of stakeholders in investment policy-making

  • Improving cross-government coordination and communication

  • Promoting equal access to information, services, incentives and resources

  • Ensuring non-discriminatory enforcement of laws and regulations

To achieve this, consider:

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