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Guideline 6

Support sustainable and appropriate technologies and practices for resource efficient, productive and safe FAF systems by:

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  • Investing in research and development (R&D) infrastructure and human capacity, while fostering a ‘lab to field’ ethos

  • Implementing policies for technology development, commercialization and distribution

  • Promoting collaboration and coordination among AMS for R&D

  • Leveraging private sector investment in innovation through strategic public-private partnerships (PPPs)

  • Supporting inclusive business models to encourage technology transfer

  • Strengthening multi-stakeholder forums for information exchange, innovation and knowledge sharing

  • Recognizing and respecting traditional knowledge and related intellectual property (IP) rights

  • Developing skills in technology commercialization and PPPs

  • Establishing innovation systems involving government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector and smallholders

  • Funding the initial procurement of technologies for smallholders and SMEs

  • Developing processes for screening and selecting investments that ensure the use of sustainable technologies

  • Providing enterprise and crop-specific technical support to smallholders

  • Linking agricultural research institutions and technology NGOs

  • Creating an enabling environment for agricultural technology and knowledge transfer PPPs

  • Providing effective legal and policy frameworks for intellectual property rights

To achieve this, consider:

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